Dpriceit Plans And Prices


We provide data tracker for products that are being marketed on several major marketplaces. Our information includes.

  • Price movement history.
  • Product information.
  • Price data
  • Other information that will help you make a better decision in purchasing products.

Free Products Price and Library software. The first software that uses machine learning to learn your shopping preferences and activities that will give you an in depth information of the products that you are interested with and its alternatives. Use our FREE Chrome Extension, to keep you tracked with the products you want to buy.

We invite you to try our new platform for only $1 the first week, then you will enjoy our services for just $12 a month. You may trust that we'll do our best to improve your shopping experience

$ 24 .99 /per month
  • unlimited consultations
  • updated information
  • 24/7 Support